A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the alpha of Digimon Destiny Dimensions, or D3 for short.

EDIT 10/11: I'm sorry to say but I'm stopping continuation of the project due to being unable to obtain the rights to make a fan game from Bandai. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this! :(


1. Move with arrow keys or wasd

2. The red Agumon model is a temporary placeholder for the player/"tamer" model.

3. As of this build we are only working on how the controls feel.

4. Press left ctrl to switch between playing as the "tamer" and playing as the Digimon. Only the Digimon can attack.

5. Press F for a basic attack. If in range, the enemy Numemon will turn to face your Digimon

6. None of the models are currently rigged so they won't move and are stuck in the default "T-Pose"

7. There isn't much to do right now.


1. "Tamer" model will occasionally freak out when following the Digimon.

2. Holding the movement keys while already pressed against a wall will cause the model currently following to spin around in circles.

3. The enemy HP bars are two dimensional and don't face the camera.

4. Walking backwards will break the "follow" script.

Current features!


-Controlling Digimon and walking with them instead!

- Basic attacking!

-One enemy type!

Features coming soon!

-Character customization!

-Leveling System!

-Unique stats for each Digimon!

-Multiple partners!


-Other actual gameplay mechanics!


Digimon Destiny Dimensions.zip 252 MB